Peanutbuddha's   Rifts   Temple

  Welcome, travellers, to the Rifts Temple. Right now we are in the construction stage, but soon I will have lots of new stuff up. 
                              WHAT TO LOOK FOR:
  Rifts Arabia/Middle East Netbook( More munchkin crap to throw in the GM's face)
  Rifts Warhammer 40K Conversion( Look out Prosek, here comes the Imperium!!!!!)
  New Random Race Generation Tables( create cannon fodder monsters, or powerful player characters.)
  PPE/ISP Loss Tables for Bionics

What is now available

Psionics Listing: Psionics from Palladium's Games
O.C.C./R.C.C. Listing: This listing is accurate through Rifter #1
Judean Defense Industries Slag Weapons:
Judean Defense Industries' Sliver Weapons:
Rifts Warhammer 40K Weapon Conversions:
PPE/ISP loss from Cybernetics and Bionics:

Palladium Books Internet Policy:
Mad Dog's Palladium Web Links: Incredibly large directory of Palladium Web Pages
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