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Rifts Warhammer 40,000 Weapon Conversions

Designed for attachment to Terminator Space Marine Armor, It is mainly used to cut holes in bulkheads and walls.The weapon is essentially a glove incorporating a chainsword.
Weight: 20lbs
Mega-Damage: 5D6+6 M.D.
Length: 5ft
Cost: 30,000 credits

This weapon is a sword with a high-powered chainsaw edge. It is favored by Imperial boarding parties, Imperial Guardsmen, and close-assault troops. The chainsaw edge has monomolecular teeth, and inflicts horrendous amounts of damage.
Weight: 10lbs
Mega-Damage: 5D6 M.D.
Length: 4ft
Cost: 28,000 credits

A large, pole-mounted version of the chainsword.
Weight: 15lbs
Mega-Damage: 6D6 M.D.
Length: 6ft 
Cost: 30,000 credits

Crozius Arcanum
This is the sacred rod of office given to the Space Marine Chaplains. The Crozius Arcanum is a symbol of the Chaplain's position in the Imperial Cult and of his devotion to the Emperor. The Chaplain always carries his Crozius Arcanum into battle to smite his foes. When wielded by the Chaplain, the Crozius Arcanum crackles with blue energy and striking with a bolt of lightning.
Weight: 4lbs
Mega-Damage: 3D6 M.D.
Length: 3lbs
Cost: not for sale

Power Axe
The power axe is a large axe or halberd surrounded by a hazy blue field of energy. This energy discharges after it hits a  target, doing massive damage.
Weight: 8lbs
Mega-Damage: 4D6 M.D.
Length: 5ft
Cost: 33,000 credits

Power Maul
This is used by the Adeptus Arbites Judges- the Imperial Law. This weapon is carried when hunting down criminals and enforcing laws The power maul is a club surrounded by an energy field which disrupts the surface of the target.
Weight: 4lbs
Mega-Damage: Settng One- Same as Neural
                                   Setting Two- 4D6 S.D.C.
                                   Setting Three- 2D4 M.D.
Length: 3ft
Payload: E-clip good for 48 hours of continuos use.
Cost: 25,000 credits

Power Sword
The sword version of the power axe. 
Weight: 6lbs
Mega-Damage: 4D6 M.D.
Length: 4ft
Cost: 30,000 credits

Bolt Pistol
Bolt pistols are smaller versions of boltguns and fire scaled-down versions of the same ammunition.
Weight: 3lbs
Mega-Damage: 3D6 M.D. per shot
Range: 450 ft
Payload: 50 shots
Rate of Fire: aimed, burst,wild
Cost: 20,000 credits

These are standard issue hand weapons for many militaries. They are cheap to manufacture, dependable, and  very common.
Weight: 1lb
Mega-Damage: 1D6 M.D.
Range: 1000ft
Payload: 100 shot E-clip
Rate of Fire: Standard
Cost: 15,000 credits

Plasma Pistol
This is a heavy duty pistol which fires gouts of superheated plasma. Has few shots due to energy requirements, but high damage capacity.
Weight: 2lbs
Mega-Damage: 4D6 M.D.
Range: 500ft
Payload: 20 shot E-clip
Rate of Fire: Single shots only
Cost: 20,000 credits

Shuriken Pistol
This is a pistol version of the shuriken catapult . It has a shorter barrel and smaller ammo capacity, limiting it somewhat compared to the shuriken catapult. The pistol fires the same ammunition as the rifle.
Weight: 3 1/2lbs
Mega-Damage: 3D6+6 M.D. per shot
Range: 600ft
Payload: 30 shot clip
Rate of Fire: Aimed,Burst, Wild
Cost: 40,000 credits

The bolt gun is the standard  issue weapon of the Space Marinesand is favored by Orks. It is a short, stubby rifle which fires explosive bullets at a rapid speed. 
Weight: 7lbs
Mega-Damage: 5D6 M.D. per shot
Range: 900 ft
Payload: 200shot clip
Rate of Fire: Amied, Burst, Wild
Cost: 26,000 credits

This is the standard issue weapon of the Imperial Guard and is the most popular weapon among human forces. The lasgun is sturdy, reliable, and easy to take care of. 
Weight: 4lbs
Mega-Damage: 2D6+2 M.D.
Range: 2000ft
Payload: 250 shot E-clip
Rate of Fire: Standard
Cost: 20,000 credits

The Melta-Gun fires a concentrated beam of high-intensity microwave energy and literally melts it's target.
Weight: 12lbs
Mega-Damage: 6D6 M.D.
Range: 800ft
Payload: 40 shot E-clip
Rate of Fire: Single shots only
Cost: 35,000 credits

Needle Sniper Rifle
This weapon is used by the Halfling Snipers in the Imperial Guard. It consists of a low-powered laser and a poison needle launcher. When the gun is fired against armor, the laser pnches a hole in the armor to admit the dart.
Weight: 7lbs
Mega-Damage: Laser: 1D4 M.D.
                                  Poison Needle: none
                                  Use effects of poison
Range: 1500ft
Payload: 50 shot clip
Rate of Fire: Aimed shots only
Cost: 32,000 credits

Ogryn Ripper Gun
This weapon is a drum-fed automatic shotgun issued to Ogryn. It is of the proper dimensions for Ogryns, and is of  very tough construction. It is limited in the number of  rounds it can fire in bursts to prevent the Ogryn from dicharging all the rounds.
Weight: 20lbs
Mega-Damage: 2D6 M.D. single shot, 1D4x10 M.D. with a 10-sot burst.
Range: 300ft
Payload: 500 round ammo drum
Rate of Fire: single, 10-shot bursts
Cost: 26,000 credits

Plasma Gun
This is a rifle version of the plasma pistol. Both versions fire a gout of flaming plasma , only the rifle shoots it farther.
Weight: 16lbs
Mega-Damage: 1D4x10 M.D.
Range: 1400ft
Payload: 35 shot E-clip
Rate of Fire: Single shots only
Cost: 32,000 credits

Shuriken Catapult
The shuriken catapult and pistol are weapons unique to the Eldar, their technology being notoriously hard to duplicate. The shuriken catapult uses a graviton repeller to fire razor-sharp discs and stars at high speeds.
Weight: 7lbs
Mega-Damage: 1D4x10+10 M.D. per 5-shot burst
Range: 2000ft
Payload: 200 shot clip
Rate of Fire: 5-shot bursts only
Cost: 50,000 credits

Storm Bolter
The storm bolter is basically two boltguns that have been paired in one weapon. It is a very devastating weapon, and is used by Terminator Space Marines.  Users with P.S. of less than 24 are -2 to strike with this weapon.
Weight: 23lbs
Range: 800ft
Mega-Damage: 1D6x10 M.D. per double shot.
Payload: Two 200 round ammo clips
Rate of Fire: Standard
Cost: 38,000 credits

Assault Cannon
This is a rapid-cycling, six-barreled autocannon used by Space Marine Terminators. It has six barrels which are rapidly turned by a motor, spiting out a rapid hail of shells. 
Weight: Gun: 32 lbs; Ammo drum: 24lbs
Range: 2500ft
Mega-Damage: 6D6 M.D. per 6-shot burst
Payload: 6,000 round ammo drum
Rate of Fire: Burst
Cost: 42,000 credits

Auto-Cannon are automatic, self-loading cannons which fire a  large number of rounds very quickly. 
Weight: 25lbs
Range: 1000ft
Mega-Damage: 1D4x10 M.D. per 20-shot burst
Payload: 2000 round ammo clip
Rate of Fire: Burst only
Cost: 36,000 credits

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