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JDI Sliver Weapon by Peanutbuddha

JDI Sliver Weapons The JDI-N Series Sliver Weapons are a staple weapon of many peoples throughout the Middle East and Persia. They are very inexpensive to manufacture, but more than ample for the average traveller's weaponry needs. The JDI-N series is the combination of pre-Rifts Israeli space technology and alien tech salvaged from a crashed spaceship in the Dead Sea. This odd coupling makes for an incredible weapon, having both a large payload and high rate of fire. Ammunition for these weapons is available almost everywhere in Arabia, Israel, and Persia. This weapon is standard issue for JDF militias, many mercenary armies, Bedouins, and travelling adventurers. The weapons incorporate alien technology in the area of friction. The gun is chambered to fire extremely small, thin bullets at an incredible speed. The gun's special frictionless parts enable the weapons to fire hundreds of the slivers at a time, making a cheap M.D. weapon.

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JDI-N3 Sliver Pistol A rather large pistol favored by police, terrorists, and street gangs. Weight: 3 lbs Damage: 5D6 S.D.C. for a 50-shot burst, 1D4 M.D. for a 100-shot burst, and 2D6 M.D. on a 200-shot burst. Rate of Fire: Burst shots only Effective Range: 500ft Payload: 10,000 rounds Cost: 12,000 credits

JDI-N4 Sliver Assault Rifle Standard issue weapon for militiamen . This is a highly dependable, sturdy, tough rifle. Weight: 10 lbs Damage: 1D4x10 S.D.C. with a 50-shot burst, 2D6 M.D. with a 100-shot burst, and 4D6 M.D. with a 200-shot burst. Rate of Fire: Burst shots only Effective Range: 1200ft Payload: 25,000 rounds Cost: 18,000 credits

JDI-N5 Heavy Sliver Rifle This is a large, heavy weapon usd by borgs, Juicers, Crazies and Power Armor pilots. Has an optional ammo drum for extremely high payloads. Weight: Gun: 35lbs; Ammo Drum: 20lbs Mega Damage: 3D6 M.D. with a 100-shot burst, 1D4x10 M.D. with a 200-shot burst, and 1D6x10+20 M.D. with a 400-shot burst. Rate of Fire: Burst shots only Effective Range: 2000ft Payload: 40,000 round clip, and optional 120,000 round ammo drum. Cost: 25,000 credits