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JDI Slag Weapons by Peanutbuddha

JDI-MS Series Slag Weapons
 These weapos are a new addition to the product line of Judean Defense Industries, but the technology is hundreds of years old. The "Slag'' in the name refers to the character of the ammunition. The JDI-MS Series utilizes energy in tehe form of E-clips to heat, melt and fire a slug of MDC steel. Due to the heat generated, these weapons have lots of  heat shielding to protect the user, but the weapons inflict horrible wounds on their victims, and are very well liked by the troops as a result.

JDI-MS10 Slag Pistol
This weapon is often used by power armor troops, as well as by Juicers and borgs. It causes incredible damage for a weapon of it's size and is immensely popular. 
Weight: 5lbs
Mega-Damage: 1D4x10+10 M.D.
Rate of Fire: Standard(single shots only)
Effective Range: 1000ft
Payload: One E-clip is good for firing four full clips of ammunition. Each clip of ammo holds 15 rounds.
Cost: 18,000 credits

JDI-MS20 Slag Rifle 
This weapon is standard issue to the many troops located in heavy combat situations. It is a favorite of JDF Juicers, as well as being a borg staple.
Weight: 20lbs
Mega-Damage: Single shot: 1D4x10 M.D.
3-shot burst: 2D4x10+10 M.D.
Rate of Fire: Single shot, 3-shot bursts
Effective Range: 2200ft
Payload: The E-clip is good for firing two full clips of ammunition. Each ammo clip holds 45 rounds.
Cost: 24,000 credits

JDI-MS35 Slag Cannon
This was originally designed for use as a vehicle -mounted weapon for infantry support. However, after the development of Juicers and cyborgs, the MS35 was found to be an ideal weapon for enhanced humans. 
This rifle is very heavy, and consequently, users with a P.S. of less than 22 suffer -2 to Strike with the weapon.
Weight: 35lbs
Mega-Damage: 5-shot burst: 2D6x10
Rate of Fire: 5-shot bursts only
Effective Range: 3000ft
Payload: 100-round ammo clip. Each E-clip can fire one full clip of ammunition.
Cost: 30,000 credits 

JDI-MS50 Heavy Slag Cannon
 This weapon causes grievous amounts of damage to it's victims, and for this reason it is toted around by heavy Borgs. Users with P.S. less than 24  suffer a -3 to strike.
Weight: 55lbs
Mega Damage: 10-shot burst: 3D4x10 M.D.
15-shot burst: 4D4x10 M.D.
Rate of Fire: 10 and 15 shot bursts only
Effective Range: 3600ft
Payload: 200 round ammo clip. It requires two E-Clips to fire a full clip of ammunition.
Cost: 34,000 credits

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